Play Therapy

We offer play therapy services for younger children. When a parent calls in and inquires about services for their child we take into account several factors in order to find the best fit. 


Each guest is unique, which means every play therapy treatment plan is as well. Typically, an initial assessment is completed with a Willis therapist and the guest’s parent(s). At this time, information is gathered about the family’s concerns, as well as the guest’s likes and dislikes. For example, if a guest really enjoys arts and crafts, a treatment plan that incorporates art therapy will be created to address the guest’s concerns. Older guests, especially teenagers, may wish to accompany their parents to the initial session. This is welcome and completely up to the discretion of the guest and their family.


After the initial session, visits are typically held between the guest and the therapist. The first session(s) will focus on establishing a therapeutic relationship. Moving forward, visits will turn to exploring concerns and building skills at whatever pace is most comfortable for the guest. Younger children may wish to have their parents join them occasionally in session. Additionally, parents are encouraged to participate in treatment and will be invited, with the child’s permission, into the studio at the end of session for a summary of the visit.


We are huge advocates for parents and believe informing parents on how their children are making progress is vital. We want to know more of how we can advocate for you and your family so please reach out and let us know how we can be a support as that is a commitment of ours to our guests!