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WillisCC is offering therapeutic services for professionals and families in Midwest, South, Mountain, and Hawaii regions with more coming in 2024! In our warm and welcoming studios, guests are encouraged to challenge themselves and find new ways to cope with the challenges in life’s journey. We value providing therapy that is accessible, diverse, and evidence based.

We believe to be human is to experience pain. Our staff view suffering as a part of the human experience but do not believe suffering is the identity of our humanity. Therefore, helping our guests hold their pain lightly & with compassion while getting back moving on their values path is essentially what therapy is all about.

At Willis CC, we are dedicated to offering support and nurturance to those seeking a new direction while holding onto their values. We are also committed to matching our guests with the staff that will most connect to helping them grow. This means our guests have a voice in the match with our staff so that they have optimal connection. Contact Us to to arrange an assessment soon. We are currently accepting New Guests and offer evening & weekend options!

Our blog

What does it mean to age “gracefully?”

At the risk of stating what to many likely seems obvious, getting older is not easy. Aging is hard, regardless of what your age is. …

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It’s not just about me… or you. It’s about balance.

The other night at dinner with my husband something struck me and got me thinking about balance and what that means not just in my …

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How do we practice self-compassion and hold ourselves accountable?

I have been thinking a lot about self-compassion and how that relates to us holding ourselves accountable. Is it possible to both practice self-compassion and …

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Radical acceptance does not mean resignation

Life is funny. Sometimes it seems as though everything is going your way and then, sometimes, it seems as though every time we turn around, …

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How do we build resilience?

What does it mean to be resilient? And where does resilience come from? Some argue that resilience is a trait we are born with while …

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The start of a new year offers us a chance to begin anew

I often find myself thinking of life as a story, our story, and one that in many ways, we get to write the way we …

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Let’s rethink grief

I have been thinking a lot about grief lately, especially as I approach the 10-year anniversary of my mother’s passing on December 23. Grief is …

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Speak to yourself with kindness to find self-love

When was the last time you learned a new language? Perhaps it was when you were in school or perhaps more recently with a language-learning …

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What happens when we judge others

Social media has become for some an almost all-consuming way to pass the time. What seemed to have started out as a way to stay …

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Managing the stress of the holiday season

While it may seem as though it was just the Fourth of July, it appears the winter holiday season is upon us once again. For …

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Shorter days may leave us feeling sad

It seems as though shorter days and cooler temperatures are now upon us, leaving many people with low mood and less energy. For some 1 …

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We do not grow in our comfort zones

My husband and I recently took at trip to Cape Cod to celebrate our approaching 25th wedding anniversary, making room for both of us to …

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Modern Studios, Refreshing Guest Experience, Global Presentations, Spanish & French Services, Using iPad Technology, Skype & FaceTime


Willis CC seeks to promote an open approach to treating mental health concerns by recommending tools and techniques that best address the needs of our guests. Learn More…


Our consulting services offer new ideas on how to work through obstacles and achieve change within an organization.

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Want Free Therapy?

We are an all inclusive team and practice and welcome guests from all walks, values, and perspectives. Our Team have find ourselves in the unique position of acting upon our values in the face of adversity.

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Experiential Therapy

We offer play therapy services for younger children. When a parent calls in and inquires about services for their child we take into account several factors in order to find the best fit. A few of our staff who offer

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Perinatal Support

We support Women before, during and after their pregnancies. We accept all families as we are an inclusive practice and believe everyone needs guidance during this big life transition.

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