Perinatal Support

We support Women before, during and after their pregnancies. We accept all families as we are an inclusive practice and believe everyone needs guidance during this big life transition. We support Dads and Partners as key members of the equation.

1 in 7 women will experience significant mood and anxiety symptoms during and after pregnancy. Moms are not alone: 1 in 10 dads will experience depression within the first year after delivery (Source: Postpartum Support International, www.postpartum.net). You are not alone: you do not need to suffer in silence.

We offer counseling services tailored to new mothers and fathers who have a hard time adjusting to the challenges that pregnancy and parenthood brings. Sometimes, it can be mild mood changes, or “the baby blues.” Other times, it can be more complex, which would require professional help. We also offer Nursing support and Fertility support.

Our team members want to join families to support them during this huge life transition for any more information at [email protected].

Common concerns can include:

Postpartum Anxiety


Postpartum Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder


Postpartum Bipolar Mood Disorder


Postpartum Stress Disorder


Fertility Support


Relationship Stress due to Baby related changes


Perinatal work will usually start by working with the identified guest – the one who is struggling with the various issues indicated above. Partners will eventually be encouraged to attend, so as to provide education, and ensure that support is established at home. Advocacy and sharing of resources – such as support groups or bibliotherapy – will be provided throughout sessions.


Rest assured that you will be treated with confidentiality, dignity and respect, while your therapist provides you with empathy, education, skills, and resources to get you and your family through this challenging transition. We are happy to work alongside your other health care providers such as OBGYNS, Midwives, Doulas, Fertility Clinics or any other provider you have on your team.


Perinatal work starts at home. We at WCC start with our own team and offer support to our staff who also experience this life transition in their families. We are proud to live our values by caring for one another and encourage other places of business to do the same.