Tamara ¨Tammi¨ Polingo

Tamara “Tammi” Polingo, LCSW

Tammi Polingo is a licensed clinical social worker who received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Saint Thomas prior to earning a Masters of Social Work in School Social Work at the University of Chicago. Her friends would describe her as empathetic, honest, compassionate, passionate, and a terrible dancer.


Tammi is committed to supporting individuals—and those important to them—navigate the many challenges that life presents. She believes that therapeutic spaces should feel welcoming, personal, and collaborative, so the space that exists between her and her guests is built on a foundation of trust, mutual respect, and the desire to grow together. Importantly, she believes that therapy can be fun! She loves to create art, practice mindfulness, listen to music, and read books, and she’s excited to help guests incorporate the things they love into their therapy experience.


Having experienced family transitions and challenges during adolescence herself, Tammi is most excited to help young people navigate the many life transitions they experience, including trauma, anxiety, depression, and social justice. For Tammi, therapy and social justice go hand in hand, since we have to be willing to have challenging conversations about ourselves and the world we live in. Sometimes that means confronting harmful biases, and other times that means learning how to create boundaries to protect our peace or discover how we advocate for ourselves or groups who have experienced marginalization.


Typically, Tammi’s helps her guests build mindfulness practices and coping skills; understand their motivations, thought patterns, and how they connect to their behaviors and feelings; and, ultimately, achieve their treatment goals.


In her free time, Tammi loves cooking, baking, reading on the beach, and making up songs as she takes care of things around the house.


Tammi is currently accepting new via telehealth.