Sean Murphy, LCSW

Sean Murphy, LCSW

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Sean is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who earned his Master’s in Social Work, at Aurora University. He decided to become a therapist, because he believes that everyone has a story to tell, and we all benefit if we listen.

Previously, Sean has worked with loss/grief, anxiety, people who feel stuck or in a rut, and people with severe mental illnesses. He worked in a residential and nursing home where he helped people with severe and persistent mental illness and this gave him the opportunity to address the needs of a population facing many challenges.

Sean values therapy for people, because he finds that by merely sharing what is on one’s mind with someone who cares and who listens, an individual can often change their perspective on a situation and consider a solution to a problem that previously appeared to have none. He also thinks that if a therapist provides a caring, non-judgmental atmosphere, a change in mindset can occur. Sean has used multiple treatment modalities including CBT and Motivational Interviewing.

In his spare time, Sean likes running long distances and doing crossword puzzles. His favorite quote is from David Byrne “The world indeed offers us restricted possibilities and opportunities, but there are always options, and more than one way for things to turn out”.

Sean is currently accepting new guests.