Sean Murphy, LCSW

Sean Murphy, LCSW

Email about Sean

Sean is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who earned his master’s degree in Social Work at Aurora University. After memorable experiences with a mentor who always saw the best in people—even as they presented challenging behaviors—Sean sensed the urge to help others himself and decided to become a therapist.

In his previous work, Sean applied his expertise in residential and nursing home settings, where he helped people with severe and persistent mental illnesses and worked one-on-one counseling with older adults. In his experience, he’s found that, by merely sharing what is on one’s mind with someone who cares and listens, guests can often change their perspectives and consider solutions to problems that previously appeared unsolvable.

At Willis CC, Sean is excited to work with guests who are experiencing anxiety, severe mental illness, grief, or stagnation, though he loves the variety of people and situations he encounters. Guests enjoy his sincerity, listening skills, and his recognition that while change is often necessary, it can be a difficult and scary process. Sean is from Waukegan, IL, and he enjoys long-distance running, reading, and doing crossword puzzles.

“Some things do not have to be done perfectly—they just have to be done.”

Age Specialty 18+

Sean’s Modalities
– Individuals
– Couples
– Families (Groups)

Sean’s Therapeutic Approach Incorporates
– Acceptance and Commitment (ACT)
– Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)
– Existential Therapy
– Family Therapy (FT)
– Harm Reduction Therapy
– Motivational Interviewing (MI)
– Narrative Therapy

Sean’s Specializations
– Addiction
– Anger
– Anxiety
– Bipolar
– Boundaries
– Crisis
– Dating / Relationship
– Decision-making
– Depression
– Divorce
– Family Conflict
– Grief / Loss
– Identity Issues
– Mood Disorders
– Personality Disorders (BPD)
– School Issues / College Issues
– Self Esteem
– Self-Injury
– Sexual / Intimacy Issues
– Substance Abuse
– Suicidal Thoughts
– Trauma / PTSD
– Work / Stress

– In-person: Wicker Park Studio
– Illinois Telehealth/Virtual