Samantha McGlumphy

Samantha McGlumphy

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Samantha McGlumphy values therapy because she believes that individuals have the power to change their lives if they are willing to examine and explore the deepest parts of themselves. Although, it may be difficult, just the simple act of sharing oneself with another human can be a transformative and empowering experience. Furthermore, exploring the self is the foundation needed to take action and make changes with the guidance and support of the therapist.
She enjoys working with guests who are open to feedback and willing to try new approaches to their issues or struggles. Also, due to her belief that the guest is the “expert” in their own lives, an individual who wants to be an active collaborator in their treatment will strengthen the therapeutic relationship and elicit better outcomes.

Samantha specializes in trauma related work but also has experiences working with guests who may be struggling with anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, and grief and loss. Samantha utilizes various approaches and incorporates Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques to help elicit active change. Her specialities with grief and loss come from extensive work with families managing this heavy burden.

The most impactful experience of her career path so far has been her exposure and volunteer/mission work with undocumented immigrants. This includes teaching English as a second language to undocumented individuals and traveling to the border to engage in an immersion experience. This experience helped her to develop a deeper sense of empathy and understanding, as well as, a passion for social justice.

Samantha is best described as a warm and down to earth individual who enjoys baking, yoga, and surrounding herself with others who are kind and have a sense of humor. Guests working with Samantha are challenged to achieve their goals within a warm, supportive, and encouraging environment. She is currently accepting guests in Wicker Park.