Renee Shurilla, LCPC

Renee Shurilla, LCPC

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For Renee Shurilla therapy is a way for people to find renewal for themselves and have insight to their lives and thereby impact the world. It is a way for them to find connection to others. If people are more connected and have more insight into themselves and how they impact the world, the world itself will become a better place.

She is not a new green therapist-her clinical muscles are strong and eclectic. Her approach consists of a mix of relational focused therapy, along with CBT, mindfulness, and motivational interviewing practices.She began her career at UW Madison, where she fell in love with psychology. She then moved to Chicago where she studied counseling at Adler School of Psychology. Through her training she gained experience working with adolescents and senior citizens while also working at an after school program tutoring kids in the community.

Her career has included providing case management and counseling with adults in both community based and residential settings, using evidence based practice and continuing to grow as a clinician. Renee’s experience providing individual and group therapy to adults with a variety of issues made a huge impact in their lives. Topics she has addressed has included mood concerns, setting boundaries, exploring emotions, managing stress, work with creative individuals and those looking to make major life decisions but needing direction.

Renee’s ideal guests are people who are motivated to work toward being their best self, have a sense of humor, and are ready to take action in their lives. People who are struggling with an aspect of their life and need guidance to figure it out will find Renee to be insightful, encouraging and a voice to help them make decisions pointing towards their values. She is currently accepting new guests at our Old Town and Wicker Park studios.