Ramona Hickey, LPC


Ramona Hickey, LPC
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Ramona Claire Hickey is a conscientious and kind therapist with a wealth of experience in counseling psychology, providing dedicated support to individuals, couples, and families, primarily focusing on young adults and middle-aged individuals. Raised in the U.S. but born in Guatemala, Ramona brings a unique, bi-cultural perspective to her practice, enriching her understanding of diverse narratives and experiences. Fluent in both English and Spanish, she effortlessly bridges cultural gaps, fostering a universal sense of belonging and comprehension.

Ramona holds a Master’s in Counseling Psychology from North Park University and specializes in a myriad of therapeutic approaches including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Christian Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), and Compassion Focused (CFT) therapies. Her eclectic approach, coupled with her extensive knowledge of Rational Emotive Behavior and Solution-Focused Brief Therapies, enables her to tailor her therapeutic techniques to suit the distinct needs of each client.

Her compassionate heart and inherent desire to help have driven her to work extensively with patients suffering from a range of issues including anger, adjustment disorders, addiction, anxiety, and depression, amongst others. She feels profoundly gratified to witness the transformative journey of her clients, as they navigate and overcome their unique set of challenges.

Irvin Yalom’s insight, “Therapists need to have a long experience in personal therapy to see what’s on the other side of the couch and see what they find helpful or not,” profoundly resonates with her, shaping her holistic and empathetic approach to therapy.

Outside her professional realm, Ramona is a lover of Thai food, enjoys hiking, reading, and volunteering, and has a penchant for places where the mountains meet the beach. She shares her space with her two beloved cats and continually strives to create a comfortable and reassuring therapeutic environment, ensuring her clients feel at ease as they embark on their path to healing and self-discovery.


She is currently accepting new guests virtually in Illinois.