Michelle Brown, LCSW

Michelle Brown, LCSW


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Michelle Brown is a graduate of Illinois State University and The University of Chicago. She is an advocate for those struggling with relationships, decisions, and life change. She’s also a Full Spectrum Doula. Michelle was introduced to birthwork in 2017 after experiencing her own miscarriage. It became her personal mission to help women reconnect with and better understand their bodies. She says, “Through loss, I gave birth to my calling.”


Her ideal guests are those open to the idea of therapy and conversation. She is inclusive to all partners and families and culturally affirming. She believes that she will work as partners to help you overcome the obstacles you may be facing. Everything you need to succeed is already in you, She is just here to help you access it. She is most eager to work with those who may feel anxious about parenting or are having a difficult time adjusting to their new role as a parent. This also includes those going through fertility or family planning obstacles with a special emphasis on being All Inclusive to those in marginalized communities. She has a strong background in working with children and families and is happy to offer child and family therapy as well. Her familiarity with anxiety & mood issues, life decisions and transitions and managing stressors of past traumas is strong. Guests find her a refreshing educator and guide during these crossroads.

She mainly uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in her approach with guests along with Mindfulness and Holistic approaches. She finds value in helping people become aware of their thought patterns and how they impact their moods and behaviors. When a person is able to reframe how they view their experiences it allows them to regain control over their lives. She also is a firm believer in teaching women how to set healthier boundaries for themselves. Michelle specializes in Perinatal and Postpartum life stages.

Her dedication to her guests is loyal and when she isn’t at the studio she is probably curled on the couch binge watching on Netflix (if you’re a Grey’s Anatomy fan, chat with her!). Michelle is passionate about rights for marginalized communities and most of what she has done in her career holds that value as the center. The most impactful experiences of Michelle’s career path so far have been: Being a doula and working intimately with mothers and their partners. This has been a transformative experience for her. She has attended over 100 births; and it has heightened her awareness to how important it is to value and preserve the mental health of mothers as they are gatekeepers to inter-generational healing.

Why does Michelle value therapy for people? Easy answer: There is power and healing in being able to voice your experiences and how you have been impacted by them. Processing life out loud helps you to gain clarity and see how the events in life have shaped you but do not define you. Her guests experience her as confident, direct and compassionate in her approach to educating them on their blind spots and areas of growth while having a warm presence during those dark times.

She is currently accepting guests in our Wicker Park studios.