Laura Koehler, Psy. D.

Laura Koehler, Psy. D.

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Imagine having a life bucket list as a teenager and checking off so many items that into adulthood you have to keep adding adventures. This is a glimpse into Dr. Laura Koehler. She believes that a life list should be constantly growing as we challenge ourselves to live more fully.

She often says we need to help guests get moving back onto their values path to living meaningful lives. Her expertise is working with anxiety and she uses experiential activities, exposures, behavioral activation exercises, family work and new DBT skills and ACT metaphors to help make progress even while anxiety is present.

For those who come to therapy feeling unsatisfied with their current lives for any reason or situation, Laura combines mindful interventions to help them creatively shift to exploring how to have more full and meaningful lives. Therapy with her includes accountability to move in that meaningful direction. She pushes guests to commit to actions, in the service of their values, despite uncomfortable thoughts and feelings.

Laura has significant experience with adolescents and families who feel “stuck” in anxiety or panic even to the point of avoiding school, work, or other major life hurdles. She has developed programs and training opportunities for organizations to learn how to use willingness and sitting with discomfort to take actions toward the value path. She has led dozens of groups, trainings, and has supervised numerous psychologists in training.

Those seeking radical change will experience work with Laura to look like a collaborative relationship between the clinician and the guest. She believes guests are the experts on their own lives and only they know what will make their lives truly meaningful. Her job, as a psychologist, is to help guests find a way to investigate those meaningful details.

Laura believes she can help her guests create their value paths, but only guests can choose to walk it. Her schedule is open to see new guests at our Naperville studio.

At this time she is accepting new guest appointments in the Wicker Park studio.