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L Murphy, LMSW
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L. Murphy is a dependable and driven licensed social worker specializing in Narrative Therapy, Person-Centered Therapy, Play Therapy, and Trauma Informed Care (TIC). Holding a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Stephen F. Austin University, Murphy has extensively worked with individuals, especially kids and young adults, aiding them through diverse behavioral and mental health difficulties. Based in Louisiana, Murphy has experience working in residential settings, offering specialized support for ADHD, anxiety, boundaries, and mood disorders, among other areas.

Her journey in the field was inspired by a profound interest in researching and understanding the multifaceted aspects of human behaviors. As a leader in her field, Murphy takes pride in her diversity and her ability to appreciate the uniqueness in others. She is solution-focused, providing support that is rooted in the principles of empowering her clients to live in the present and foster a sense of self-reliance and resilience.

In her sessions, Murphy creates a supportive and nurturing environment, focusing particularly on individuals experiencing family conflict, domestic violence, and those in need of self-esteem and crisis management. Her work is also well-acknowledged in the fields of social justice and trauma, with a keen interest in exploring and contributing to evolving therapies in autism and trauma-related disorders.

Beyond her professional commitments, Murphy is an avid reader and enjoys walking and music, often referring to herself as a “walking music soundtrack,” hinting at her eclectic taste and love for music. Her approach to therapy is inclusive, treating every individual with respect and dignity, acknowledging their unique experiences and backgrounds. Her goals continue to align with her passion for empowering others, enhancing their capacity to overcome life’s challenges, and helping them navigate their paths to self-discovery and healing in a mindful and proactive way.

Currently accepting new guests virtually in Texas.