Iris Jessup, LSW

Iris Jessup, LSW

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Iris is a Licensed Social Worker who earned her Master’s of Social Work at University Of Nevada. She decided to become a therapist, because she thinks people forget who they really are and that they are here to create an amazing life. Those who know her best would describe her as someone who is effervescent, optimistic and happy.

Previously, Iris has worked with self-love challenges, relationships challenges, self-esteem and goal setting. She has worked assisting many people in group therapy and private sessions to change their mindsets and reset their values to what works best for them while assisting them to understand that they do have a plethora of choices to direct positive change.

Iris values therapy for people, because she believes that everyone at some point in life will need the expertise of someone who has mastery in an area of life that they do not possess. Iris has used multiple treatment modalities including Rapid Transformational Therapy and Induction/Hypnotherapy.

In her spare time, Iris loves traveling, swimming and sunning. Iris is excited to tell you that “if you are ready for positive change; if you are done with drama, tired of feeling unloved, unprotected, disrespected, and just plain miserable, let’s take this transformational journey together!”

Iris is currently accepting new guests.