Angel Caracheo Jr, LPC

Angel Caracheo Jr, LPC

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Angel studied psychology at Northern Illinois University, then went on to get his Master’s degree in Clinical Professional Psychology from Roosevelt University. El es fluido en Español y también habla un poco de Italiano.


As a therapist, he has been able to work with diverse populations who have limited access to care and has worked with those impacted by chronic conditions, including HIV and developmental delays. Angel also has had the opportunity to not only work as a counselor, but as a case management services provider to people with medical disabilities.


Based on his experience working with multicultural populations, including the LGBTQQ community, Angel sees his ideal guests as individuals with a high potential to grow and become better versions of themselves. He enjoys working with guests in search of guidance to engage in a journey of self exploration and actively make effective and fulfilling life choices.


Angel firmly believes a few things: that people have the strength to cope with life challenges when they are motivated to move at their own pace; that people already possess strengths which only need to be brought to awareness; that our perceptions and interpretations impact our reactions to experiences.

His approaches to therapy include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Affirmative Therapy and Brief Interventions. He currently is training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Therapy for him is an ongoing journey where people can explore their motives and values in order to become independent, self-sufficient and assertive in any aspect of their lives. Angel’s areas of expertise include depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, communication skills, decision-making, ADHD, disruptive behaviors, gender identity, acculturation and adjustment.

Friends and colleagues describe him as a very flexible and compassionate person who tries to be empathetic and inviting with people. Angel likes to include a good sense of humor in life to make others feel comfortable. And he embraces a natural curiosity for novelty and is an eager learner, willing to try new experiences.

In his free time, Angel likes to work on scaled models, paint, play chess, walk, travel, try new foods and be in the company of animals. He currently is accepting guests in our Wicker Park studio and via telehealth.