Allison Leonard, LSW

Allison Leonard, LSW

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Allison Leonard is a Licensed Social Worker from Atlanta, Georgia who graduated from Loyola’s Master of Social Work program with a Mental Health Specialization. In both her graduate & undergraduate work, she studied abroad in Italy & Ireland to study mental health social policy & the psychology of terrorism.


She chose this field because of the healing relationships it allows her to build with guests & considers it an honor to learn people’s stories, especially those she never may have met otherwise.


Allison’s speciality is providing trauma-informed therapy to individuals & families. She’s most eager to help people living with trauma/PTSD (especially childhood trauma), anxiety & depression. Beyond that, she enjoys working with parents who need coaching & behavior management skills, children with oppositional behaviors, attachment disorders & personality disorders.


Her ideal guest is someone who’s ready & willing to be self-reflective, open & receptive to new ideas. Her philosophy is, “If you want something you’ve never had, you often have to do something you’ve never tried.” Therapy provides folks an opportunity to create a safe & nurturing relationship with someone who can provide unconditional positive regard. Allison believes this bond can make a most profound impact.


Allison has assisted with research on evidence-based treatments & in her own work most often uses approaches such as: Attachment-Regulation-Competency (ARC), Mindfulness/Grounding Techniques, Cognitive Therapy, Attachment Theory, Motivational Interviewing & Reflective Listening. She likes to provide psychoeducation about the issues guests are facing & equip them with new coping skills to manage symptoms & overcome obstacles.


When not working, you might find Allison at her evening hip-hop dance class, watching horror movies, researching the best new restaurants in the city, or performing as a Britney Spears impersonator (seriously!). She is currently accepting new guests at our Wicker Park studios.